How accurate are the online colour swatches?
Depending on the device you are viewing on and the screen resolution, the paint colours depicted on the website can appear slightly different to the paint when applied to a surface. 

We always recommend ordering a sample pot before you purchase, to ensure you are happy with the final result, as you cannot get an entirely true representation of a colour from a screen.

We are unable to accept returns as each can is tinted to order.

Can I purchase sample pots in any finish? 
Sample Pots are available in Little Greene's most popular finish, Absolute Matt Emulsion - perfect for testing colour on your own walls.

Little Greene advise painting the colour onto an A4 swatch and moving it around the room throughout the day. This will show you how the colour will appear in different lights.

What is the difference between water-based and oil-based paint?
Water-based paints are thinner and therefore dry quicker than oil-based alternatives, they also have a lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and are therefore more eco-friendly.

With a nine hundred year pedigree, oil-based paints have long been recognised as the classic finish for woodwork. By forming a deeper bond with the surface than is possible with a quick-drying paint, traditional oil-based recipes are renowned for their increased longevity, excellent flow and smooth finish. 

What is the average coverage of a tin of paint?
Paint coverage varies according to the chosen finish and the texture and porosity of the surface being painted.

Based on a single coat, you can expect an average coverage of 14 square metres per litre for Intelligent ASPAbsolute Matt Emulsion, Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Intelligent Eggshell, Intelligent Gloss and Floor Paint.

For use on wood and floorboards, Intelligent Satinwood and Intelligent Floor Paint should both cover 12 square meters per litre.

Oil-based paints, including Traditional Oil Gloss and Flat Oil Eggshell cover around 16 square metres per litre.

More specialist paints have a wider variance in coverage: Masonry Paint covers around 13 square metres per litre, Distemper covers 15 square metres per litre and Limewash covers an average area of 6 square metres per litre as is soaks into the porous stone.

Is the paint low odour, non-toxic and safe for children?
All Little Greene water-based paints are low odour. Their most environmentally-friendly paints, Intelligent paints, have all been certified as Child Safe under BS EN 71-3: 2013 (also known as the Toy Paint Regulations).

This certification includes: Intelligent Matt Emulsion, Intelligent Eggshell, Intelligent Gloss, Intelligent ASP (all surface primer), Intelligent Satinwood and Intelligent Floor Paint.

Please consult the Little Greene product data sheets for further detail.

Can I return a tin of paint?
We are not able to offer returns, as all Little Greene paint is tinted to order.