Etic Rovere Venice Special

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Etic Rovere Venice is one of the polished wood effect tiles available in the Minoli wood effect ranges. Inspired by four sought-after and exclusive wood essences with a marked character and strong personality. Also Etic faithfully reproduces the extraordinary details and natural irregularities of the material, rich in veining, sapwood, streaks, marbling and knots. Captivating and extraordinarily rich in details, a surface with energetic naturalness enhanced by graphic movements with tremendous impact in large size tiles. The marked character of original and prestigious wood essences breathes new life on the surface. With extremely natural and elegant porcelain tiles, for indoor and outdoor areas for a cutting edge design. In addition a pleasant sense of motion, the surface is characterised by outstanding graphic depth that evokes. Finally, the extraordinary realism and authenticity, allures details of original planks of wood.