Little Greene - Little Book of Colour

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For a more hands-on approach to interior design, you can now order a copy of our refreshed colour tool, the 'Little Book of Colour.'

Described by Managing Director David Mottershead as “colour consultancy in your pocket”, the Little Book of Colour will hold your hand, whether simply selecting the right ceiling colour or designing a fully coordinating, confident and personal scheme.

Homeowners wanting to create a calm, harmonious interior can refer to each colour’s ‘related whites’ and ‘related neutrals’.

The Pigment Guide identifies the key raw ingredients within each shade and illustrates whites and neutrals with common pigmentation, creating proven combinations that are scientifically guaranteed to work.

Moreover, a selection of ‘coordinating colours’ is shown; these shades are tonally-related and serve to give depth to a room scheme, without being overpowering. For the more confident designer, ‘contrasting accents’ are also suggested for adding highlights to schemes, alongside ‘related dark’ hues to achieve drama and impact.