Marvel Nero Marquina

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Evolution Marvel Nero Marquina by Minoli is an exquisite range of black marble look tiles. Presents a mirror-like surface that faithfully captures the dark tonalities and sophisticated essence of a real precious marble. Especially relevant, the focus of Evolution Marvel lays on luxurious contemporary design. Therefore with a wide and extensive range of marble tiles the beauty meets the versatility and practicality of porcelain stoneware. Porcelain stoneware tiles with beautiful luxurious black surfaces, elaborate swirls and veins with sophisticated tonalities realistically evoking the elegance of chic marble. The superb style of this luminously sophisticated black marble look tiles meets the essential elegance of matt surfaces. Unusual blends of differently inspired materials create environments of outstanding contemporary refinement. As a result surfaces inspired by luxuriously sophisticated marble design develop interior spaces that stand out for their style and personality.