Little Greene Inspiration - Aquamarine Study

Pleat (280) [Lower Wall]: 

An haute couture colour inspired by the catwalk runways of Paris, Milan and London.

Aquamarine - Mid (284) [Above Cornicing]:

Classic blend of blue green using umber to create a subtlety which brings a gentle coolness and tranquillity to a room.

Dorchester Pink - Deep (287) [Steps and Far Wall]:

A 1960s article on an interior in the Dorchester Hotel describes the use of this colour: Lilac provides an unusually restful setting for this bedroom. The room is given a gay note by the harlequin effect of the bed drapes and valance.

Scree (227) [Woodwork]: 

A shade with humble provenance; the use of this grey was widespread in the nineteenth century as a cheap mix of leftover paint colours; an early example of paint recycling!

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